Jason Sinks to a New Low, by Violetta Antcliff

Chasing adventure, best friends Jason and Wayne sneak onto private property to play on the way home from school.  It’s not long before clumsy Wayne manages to
get himself stuck down a hole in the ground, and in the attempt to rescue him
Jason falls in as well.  They discover that the hole connects to a series of underground caves they can’t escape.  Cold, hungry, hurt, and chased by murderous
bank robbers with secrets to keep, the boys have to use their wits to somehow
stay alive.

Sadly, I must admit that I have never  had the pleasure of reading the
first three Jason stories. When Violetta asked me to review this one I was pleased to try something new.  I am very glad I did.  I found this story to be a great
read for a middle grade kid with a love of adventure.  It reminded me of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew stories that I so much enjoyed when I was that age.  It managed to be exciting without being inappropriate for the age group.  If you
are looking for a good book for a young reader, I highly recommend it to you
and your children.  I’m giving this lovely little book five stars just for making me happy.

On a side note, I found the British slang really enjoyable.  Your children might need to take the author’s advice  and Google a couple of the more
colorful terms, (Like gormless, for example) but a smart kid will have a lot of
fun expanding his vocabulary this way.

Here is a link: http://www.amazon.com/Jason-Sinks-Adventures-Foster-ebook/dp/B005NWRKY4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1319824370&sr=8-1

Have fun!


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