The High King’s Will (Steel for the Prince Book 1) By M.A. Ray

Eagle Eye’s father is High King Beager’s huntsman. His father has taught him a great many things about surviving at court, and most of those things involve staying away from it and knowing how to fight. He knows how to track animals for the royal table, how to care for hounds, and how to keep his mouth shut. Sure, he’s killed a dragon—but that was almost completely an accident. When the crown prince, beautiful Brother Fox, arrives in Eagle’s hut, wounded from the most recent of the king’s beatings, all father’s warnings go out the window.  Fox wants to leave home, and he wants Eagle to go with him. Eagle thirsts for adventure, and he thirsts for Fox. How can he refuse?

Full disclosure: this lady is one of my favorite writers. I grew out of epic fantasy years ago, but every time she puts out a book I squeal like a little kid and snatch that bad boy up. This book is a little bit of a departure for her. It’s romance as much as adventure, and though it happens in Rothganar, it’s six hundred years before Dingus’ time and almost unrecognizable as the same place. But what isn’t unrecognizable is the rich complexity of the characters, the beautiful tapestry of words, and the magical feeling imparted by the prose.

I love when a long-awaited new book by a favorite author is everything I hoped, and that means I loved this book. If you like epic fantasy with a little romance and a whole lot of action, pick this up. Tell ‘em I sent you.

To get this book, click this link:


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