New Release by M.A. Ray: Steel for the Prince


I started reading M.A Ray way back when she released her first book two years ago, and I am honored to be here to help her release her newest. It’s called ‘The High King’s Will: Steel for the Prince.’ It’s the beginning of an all-new series. I love it just as much as her first publication, if not a little more. Today, I’m lucky enough not only to have this beautiful cover to share, but to have an excerpt from the book. Take a look!



“Fox told me all about it. But he makes up stories sometimes. I can’t always tell if he’s being serious.”

His chest went tight at the mention of Fox. He wanted to ask what the Crown Prince had said about him, but it wasn’t as if it mattered. Eagle would lay money Father would keep sending him away whenever Fox came to the cottage. Nothing would come of it, and he wished he’d kissed Fox last night when he had the chance. It was a might-have-been now, dreadful and delicious at once.

“But I think he did mean it,” Stag was saying. “You looked terrible when he brought you back. He was very upset. Didn’t you know?” he added, when Eagle shot him a curious look.

“He brought me himself?”


“Oh,” Eagle said, suppressing a ridiculous grin, or most of it. He hoped.

“It made Daddy mad. He said Fox was soft, and shamed him, and Fox got so angry. He said you saved him and it wasn’t right to kill you for it. And then…”

“What?” It came out hardly louder than breath.

“Fox fell down.”

What could he say to that? He had nothing. Fox “fell down” a damned lot.

“I’m not stupid,” Stag whispered, bowing his head as if under a millstone’s weight. “Fox doesn’t really fall down. I know that. But it’s easier to say.”

Eagle rested his hand on Stag’s forearm. He wanted to change the subject, but didn’t know how. They walked silent among tall rosebushes with deep leaves shining, bending under the weight of big white blooms. When they passed a cleverly worked stone bench, Stag said, “I think I want to sit.”

“All right.” Eagle helped the young prince onto the bench, where he leaned against the backrest, looking lost.

“He ignores me mostly. But not Fox.”

“No,” Eagle said. “Not Fox.” He looked at the roses. Clean and white, but voluptuously curled and curved and scented; he put out his hand and caressed the petals of one, softer than any velvet could hope to be. And he thought again of the Crown Prince.

M. A Ray says:

I’m a lover of fairy tales, comic books, classic fantasy, and power metal. I keep my meat shell in Wisconsin these days. I won’t tell you where I hide my heart. I’ve got a husband and two kids, and they’re the only reason I leave Rothganar.

To purchase this hot new release, follow this link:


Look at this beautiful banner, too. It’s by artists Tiana Clawson and Rachel Bostwick.

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