No Return Home, by Victor Moss

Victor Moss author #1 Victor Moss was born in Poland in 1944 during the occupation of the Nazis, has been an attorney engaged in private practice of law since 1974.  Prior to that time, he had been an assistant attorney general for the State of New Mexico and assistant city Attorney for Pueblo, Colorado.     He was a delegate to the American Leadership Conference in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia in 1991, and since then has traveled extensively throughout Europe.  Being fluent in Russian, the author had done business in Russia.  He lives with his wife in Colorado and Florida.

Victor Moss’s NO RETURN HOME, a sequel to BEWARE THE WOLVES: A SOVIET WWII LOVE STORY, is based on the true events from the lives of his parents.  His father, Vladimir, a young medical doctor mobilized into the Red Army at the onset of World War II and his mother, Slava, a medical student proficient in German, are forced to work under the circumstances beyond their control for the Nazis.  NO RETURN HOME picks up where the first book left off and follows the adventures, joys, terror and hardship of the young couple as they struggle to survive the Nazis and the Soviets.  They are plunged deeper into the morass under the German occupation in Poland/Belarus.  With the approach of the Red Army they must flee and are taken by the Germans to Germany.  While there, they endured local resentment, hunger, cold and the devastating and frightening Allied bombings.  After the war, they were moved from one refugee camp to another as Displaced Persons in the British Zone, all the while keeping a vigilant eye out for Soviet agents keen on repatriating them back to the Soviet Union where they faced certain death.

NRH book cover 3 Victor has this to say about his magnum Opus:

NO RETURN HOME  concerns WWII and its aftermath as seen through my parents’ eyes as refugees in Poland, Germany until they finally made it to Oklahoma in 1950.  It describes life in Germany after the war and the terrible fear of repatriation by the Soviets while they were in Germany.  Had they been found, both of my parents would have been executed.

I’ve written two books about them, the first book is Beware the Wolves, A Soviet WWII Love Story and its sequel, No Return Home.  The books are based on a true story of my parents during and immediately after WWII.  My father was a doctor who was mobilized into the Red Army because the Soviets controlled Belarus at the time.  He was captured by the Nazis and placed in a prisoner of war camp.  He was able to get out a year later because he saved a German officer, on whom he performed a complicated surgery.  My mother refused to follow Stalin’s order to evacuate her home because she knew if she did she would never see my father again.  She ended up working for the Germans.  That was fortunate because if she had not been at the place where my father desperately needed her to be, she could not have helped him get out of the POW camp.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Victor recently, and I found him to be so lovely a gentleman I decided to host his book here. If you are interested Either in this one or in its prequel, Beware the Wolves, they are both available at Amazon here:

Please look for my review in November!



  1. What an awesome and heroic story! Glad you shared.

    • mljohn Said:

      Thanks, Dawn! I have started reading the book and can’t wait to share my thoughts with everyone.

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