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The Third Eye of Jenny Crumb, by Martina Dalton

Jenny has a secret.

She’s been hiding it for years. When a boy in her English class comes down with pneumonia, Jenny pretends she didn’t know before the doctors what was ailing him. When the police are called out to a party, she pretends that she has a headache to get her underage friends out before they arrive. Jenny is psychic, and she can’t tell anyone. What would her cheer-leading squad think of her if she said something like that out loud?

But when a girl she doesn’t know goes missing from her school, the visions get a lot more intense, and a lot scarier. A sweaty man with a knife is haunting all her dreams, and he’s doing it at the worst possible times. When a blinding vision causes her to fall off the top of the human pyramid, Jenny has to admit that she has a problem, and it’s not going away.

I enjoyed this story so much I read it all in one sitting. It gets intense very quickly, and kept turning pages just to see what happened next. The writing itself is quite good, and the editing was decent as well. I felt like the characters would have used more contractions in their dialogue, but that’s such a nitpicky thing I’m still giving the book five stars. The characters seemed so natural, and handled their strange situations like real highschoolers might have. I’d recommend this book to teens or adults who like to read like teens. You’ll love it!

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The Life and Times of a Would-Be Somebody Blog Tour

Evening, folks! Today I have the distinctive honor of hosting the one and only Kristy Carey as she makes her way across the world on her blog tour. She is the author of the awesome new book, The Wandering Wizard. (available at Amazon for only $0.99 here: Let’s give her a warm welcome, shall we?

1) You are hosting your blog tour in honor of your brand-new book, The Wandering Wizard. Please tell us about it.
Its the story of a man who�s become something more than he should be, to protect the world against forces it doesn�t understand. He�s the last of his kind right now, a sort of final defense against the darkness. But its also a strain and what we see in this story is his struggle to regain his power and keep fighting.

2) You are not just a writer; you also run a small business making steampunk jewelry. How do you balance your two creative pursuits?
Its not easy. Over the years I�ve often had to focus on one or the other and to be honest, it tore me apart. At that time, I had a blog for Fashion, one for Writing and one for myself. When I picked up blogging last month, I decided to stop dividing myself into pieces and just put it all in one place. I never think of myself as just a writer or a jewelry designer. Instead, I call myself a Creative. There are other things I do beyond just the two listed above. Graphic Design work, flower arranging [silk and fresh], knitting, sewing, weird sculptures with weird things, abstract drawing and even ceramics painting. It just took me a while to find one I could stick with, but I still enjoy the other things.

3) Are you inspired in your art by living in Washington? If so, how?
Yes. My side of the state [the east side] is so freaking green and filled with beauty. Its not always the best place, but the grass is always greener and no place will ever be perfect. For me, its home. There are parks to go sit in and read or write, places to shop and spots you can take day trips too. I�ve made plenty of friends here, while the internet has opened doors to making friends from other places.

4) Who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman?
Batman. Hands down. Sure, Supes has all the special skills, but Bats carries Kryptonite bullets and is prepared to take him out if needed. ~nods~ Batman rocks.

Kristy Carey is an author and blogger with a passion for creativity. With one publication under her belt, she plans to keep the momentum by focusing on the Urban Fantasy genre in future pieces. She is currently splitting her time between writing and steampunk jewelry design. Her passion in both writing and design, is to mix together elements that don’t belong, and make them seem natural. Kristy is currently working on a Superhero story staring The Protectors as they battle both Loki and Kronos.

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Hi all! I just wanted to take a minute to let everybody know that The Storm Prince is now available through fine ebook retailers everywhere! This is the second book in the Knight of Avalon series, a companion novella to Lady of the Veils. It can be found on Amazon:
At Barnes and Noble:
At Smashwords:
And last but never least, at my publisher’s website:

I would love it if you’d take a look. Thanks for reading!Storm-Prince-Cover

Review: The Turn of the Karmic Wheel

I have never written a book review before, but when I was asked to do so by my friend Monica Brinkman I figured I’d better start. Let me explain this about Monica: she’s literally one of the kindest, wisest people I know. I met her about a year ago in my writer’s group, back when she was just finishing up The Turn of the Karmic Wheel. She posted a few chapters and I had the great honor and pleasure of helping in the workshopping process. So when I got the chance to write her a review, I hopped on it. I mean, how exciting is it when a book goes to press that you actually saw in draft form? Who could pass that up?
So here goes. I hope you enjoy my first attempt at a review.
In the small town of Raleigh, MO something really strange is happening. Local people are hearing music from nowhere. Frightening messages that disappear on their own are showing up in the email inboxes of internet moguls. Voices chant sing-song threats at people who have spent their lives hurting others. Then things start to get weird. A man who has always prided himself on his looks starts to grow beastlike hair. A successful local businesswoman develops scales. And three new friends find out they have more in common than they thought. What can be causing the happenings in Raleigh? How can they be stopped?
The action in The Turn of the Karmic Wheel starts on the very first page. It is well-paced and exciting throughout. It is also different from many of the books I’ve read because there is no main character. Instead there’s a town full of wonderful, vivid people. As I read through the book I felt connected and invested in each and every one of them. In fact, my only complaint would be that it seemed to end too quickly. I can’t wait for the sequel Monica’s been promising!
In short, I thought The Turn of the Karmic Wheel was a lovely, insightful book that could only have been written by a lady as wonderful as Monica. If you get a few minutes I would definitely pick it up. It is available both in paperback and ebook. Here’s a link:
One more great thing about this book is that part of the proceeds go to researching a cure for Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare and terrible disease that afflicts not only a child in Monica’s book but also a member of her family. So go, buy now! You won’t regret it.