Extaordinary, By K.M Herkes

I downloaded this book for free when it first came out. I do this a lot. I download books and they sit on my Kindle for ages, waiting for their titles to catch my eye. Last night I came across this one. I have just enough time to read a short story before bed, I thought. I am so glad I did.

I have read a lot of stories where people get super powers. Usually, it is a young person, and usually, it is exciting and an honor. This story flipped those expectations on their heads. What happens when a woman who has built an entire life already, a woman with responsibilities and burdens and a heart heavy from a life lived, is suddenly told her body is going to change? Not only that, but superpowers are a curse and a death sentence. A disease. Suddenly she is dealing with social stigma, with controlling what she can do, with her family’s reactions. Can she reinvent herself? Can she use this problem, which is layered on top of her other problems, to become strong?

The characters in this short were complex and realistic. The world building was so real, so heart-wrenching. Honestly? The most beautiful super hero story I’ve ever read. No lie. I would say, I wish it was longer, but I don’t. It flowed perfectly and stopped exactly where it should have. You don’t expect literature out of the super hero genre often, but when you find it, just shut up and pay your ninety nine cents. You can thank me later.




  1. Nice review! It sounds like a good story. 🙂

  2. NeenorROAR Said:

    I absolutely loved this book, so it’s great to see others feel as strongly about it as I do! Great blog post and review 🙂

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