Review of Certainty, by Eileen Sharp

Last Week I read Certainty, by Eileen Sharp. It is a YA paranormal romance about a boy named Ren Tanaka. Ren has just moved from California to the east coast. Though he may seem to be little more than handsome and charming, Ren has a secret he can’t tell anyone-he can see the future. The moment he meets MacKenzie from two doors down, he knows two things about her: she will be his wife someday, and her little brother is in grave danger.
This book was very sweet, more romance than paranormal. The characters were very real to me. I spent quite a few pages crying over their fates. I don’t read a lot of romance, but this made me think of love the way I did when I was Ren and Mackenzie’s age. It felt so full of possibility here, so clean and good. Ren’s powers, when they did come into play, were very realistically used. He is afraid of himself and what he can do, but he still manages to love people for who they will grow in to. I wish there was a way I could see into Ren and MacKenzie’s future the way they see into their own. I know they’ll grow into fascinating people.
The story and the telling deserve five stars, in my opinion, but there were a few things to point out for readers to whom these things are important. There were some continuity errors, like Steve’s name being exchanged for Ryan sometimes. The grammar was good, but in some places this book could have used a second set of eyes. Even so, I am glad I read it and I would recommend it to any person who enjoys a really sweet YA romance.

You can find Certainty at Amazon:


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