Troll Or Derby, By Red Tash

Troll or Derby by Red Tash is an urban fantasy about a girl named Deb.  Deb lives in rural Pennsylvania with her mother, an alcoholic, and her sister Gennifer, a beautiful girl with a big problem: she’s become involved with a dangerous meth dealer named Dave.  Deb has always felt protective of her sister, so when Dave kidnaps Gennifer, Deb knows she has to rescue her from whatever twisted plan he has in store.

Everything gets weird(er) when Deb’s mother finds out Gennifer’s been kidnapped. She goes crazy and kicks Deb out of the house, saying she only took Deb in because she was promised Deb would always protect Gennifer.  She sends Deb off on her own with an ultimatum.  Until Deb saves Gennifer, she’s not allowed to come home.

It’s not long before Deb finds herself caught up in a world below the one she has always known, avoiding dangers she’s never been trained to handle.  Can Deb rescue her sister, and can she uncover her deeper purpose in the process? And wait just a minute: did somebody say fairies?

This book was a blast. A truly original fairy tale, it was gory, gritty, and hilarious.  Troll or Derby was full of round, interesting characters and a setting that felt crazily real. Go on, ask me if there was a unicorn! Ask me, ask me! All right, you twisted my arm.  There was a unicorn. But if you think anything about it was sweet, you’re going to have to reassess. If the Unseelie Court was left to run rampant in modern day America, this is surely what they’d get up to.

If you like urban fantasy with some horror mixed in, this is the book for you.  Go on, pick it up. It’s loads of fun.


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