The Darkness, by Crystal Connor

Crystal Connor recently sent me a
copy of her first novel, The Darkness.   In my house it’s always an exciting
proposition when a book comes in the mail.
My family just can’t seem to grasp the concept of how this book review
thing works.  There’s always a discussion
about it.

“You got a book in the mail?  Why?”

“She just sent you a book in exchange for you writing about it? For free?”

Eventually, after dinner I got my
kids calmed down and I settled in to read.
There is a warning in the front of the book. It says, “There are pieces
of the magic rituals purposely left out of this book.” Basically, the gist was,
“Don’t try these dangerous spells at home.”

I must admit I was intrigued.

The story I found inside was about
two powerful women.  One is an
alchemist.  The other is a dark
witch.  Between them is a little boy with
great power and uncertain origins.  Both
women use every skill they have to win control of the boy’s mind and heart in
the attempt to command his special talents.

At first I thought this book was
about two women who shape a great man, but I was wrong.  I then had the idea that the book was a
little about adoption and the love of two types of mothers, but I was wrong
about that, too.  For a time I thought it
was a retelling of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein
written from a woman’s point of view,  and
for a while it may really have been about that.
But at its core this book, which is a mixture of fantasy, science
fiction, horror, and suspense, was about power and the pursuit of it by any
means necessary.   No one in the book is
good.  No one is the hero. And that is
what made this book so very incredible.

I read the whole book between the
time when I finished dinner and the time when I went to bed. I couldn’t put it
down.  It was that good.   Do I recommend this book? Yes I do.  Pick it up.
You’d be remiss not to.

That being said, I am giving the
book four out of five stars, and I will tell you why.  To me five denotes perfection, and this one
had a little way to go.  There are some
mistakes in grammar, some tense switching, and the word ‘alter’ was used in
place of the word ‘altar’ throughout the book.
It wasn’t bad, not by any stretch. It was enough to distract this
particular jack-booted grammar thug from a truly brilliant story.  Admittedly every book has mistakes, and I
think for a lot of people content is more important than mechanics.  Once again, it wasn’t even a bad problem, it
was just a little distracting.

In conclusion, thanks for the
really good free book, Crystal, and I can’t wait to read the sequel.  I would even pay money for that one.

A link to the Amazon listing is


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  1. ‘‘alter’ instead of ‘altar’”…d’oh! **Smacks forehead and blushing** lol, thank you so much for taking the time to read my book and writing this really good well rounded review! I super glad that you enjoyed it.

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