The Lowlands of Heaven Review

The Lowlands of Heaven, by F.J Dagg, was a mix of fantasy and inspiration with a little bit of a Christmas story thrown in just for the egg nog smell. Our story begins in the 1920’s with a young couple pregnant with their first child and starting out in in their very own happy ending.  Before the end of the prologue, though, the young couple has died and left a little girl alone in the world.  The accident is so traumatic that it separates their daughter from her guardian angel, Laurel. The little angel  is meant to give the baby a gift that enables her to do something that will positively impact the world.

The little girl is named Kate and grows up to be a beautiful, talented nurse.  She has dreams of starting a group that will fly around the world and bring medical care to children who have been wounded by the burgeoning of the second World War. But there is something missing from Kate’s life: she seems incapable of romantic love.  This becomes a problem when she meets Sam, a rich and handsome aviator who quickly falls in love with her and her idealistic dreams. Sam’s money would make all of Kate’s dreams come true, but she can’t bring herself to return his love.  Meanwhile, Laurel is too hurt to approach the Earth, let alone give the gift to Kate that will let her change the world.

I thought this book was elegantly written by someone with a real interest in history and a love of people.  After a very promising beginning it got a little slow toward the middle while Laurel healed and Kate just didn’t fall in love with Sam.  But overall I still thought it was a lovely book and I would probably read more by this author. The scenery alone was vivid enough to make me wish I were in the Lowlands on Heaven myself.


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