Twitter is Super!

Three weeks ago I had eighteen Twitter followers, and suddenly I have 94. I am so honored by the huge increase that I’ve decided to host a blog contest. When I hit 100 followers I will give away a copy of Lady of the Veils to one lucky blog commenter. I will choose the winner at random, possibly based on eeny meeny miney moe. 🙂 When you comment please leave your email so I can reach you. I give you my solemn vow you will not be added to any kind of creepy list. Thanks for playing!



  1. Sophie Li Said:


  2. Madison Woods Said:

    Love the cover art on your book! I’ll see if I’m following you already on Twitter, if not, you’ll have a new follower 😉

    My true love wants to live in the Rockies, I’ve always wanted to live there too. One day we might be out there in Colorado, too.

    • mljohn Said:

      I hope you do move out here someday! It’s really beautiful country. And thanks for finding me on Twitter and enjoying the cover art! Do you have any books out yet?

      • Madison Woods Said:

        Not yet. I’m finished with the rough draft of my first novel called Symbiosis (fantasy/scifi) and am working on the editing. The next one is in the works but I’m trying to hold back the inspiration on it until I’m finished with the first one.

        It’s very beautiful here where I live now, but something about my heart loves the Rockies.

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