Review: Hotblood: A House of Slide Novel

Four houses, all alike in dignity, in the town of Sanders where we lay our scene…
Just kidding. You guys thought I was going to get all iambic pentameter for a minute there, didn’t you? How much work do you think that would be, to write a book review in iambic pentameter? And the Bard did whole plays! Sheesh. The Elizabethan era sounds like a lot of effort.
But to the point. I just finished reading Hotblood: A House of Slide novel, by Juliann Whicker. It is a YA paranormal romance set in a world run by four very different breeds of magic users: The Wilds, the Cools, the Hotbloods, and the extinct Hollows. These houses normally don’t interbreed, but about twenty years ago a Wild named Helen and a Cool named Alex fell in love and had two hybrid children named Devlin and Dariana. Hotblood opens on Devlin’s funeral. He’s been murdered, and to solve the mystery of why Helen’s brothers have been sent to help their banished sister. What they find in Helen’s colorless home is Dariana, a teenage girl with no soul who isn’t long for the world.
Hotblood is Dariana’s story, how she came to lose her soul and how she survives it. Juliann Whicker tells the beginning in an almost dreamlike way that puts the reader into the mind of a girl barely surviving. I was hooked from page 1 and read the whole thing through as quickly as I could. I’m normally not that into Paranormal romance because, frankly, I’ve had enough warring vampire/werewolf clans and their senseless love for vapid teenage girls. The strange world built in Hotblood was different because it is so unique I had to figure out how it ran. The main character was remarkably well drawn and very believable as we watch her find her first love.
I give this book a big thumbs-up, and from me definitely a recommended read for anybody who likes a good YA romance with some supernatural flavor. To take a closer look, here’s a link:



  1. Gina Said:

    Nice review. Thanks for the insight! Definitely looking into this one more…. ^_^

  2. mljohn Said:

    Thank you! You know she’s looking for reviewers. If you’re REALLY interested I bet I can get you a free book. 😉

  3. Juliann Said:

    It’s true. I’d sell my soul for a review… well, I’d certainly send a book:)

    • mljohn Said:

      Oh dear. What kind of element am I writing reviews for now? 😉

  4. […] Review: Hotblood: A House of Slide Novel ( […]

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