Malicifer Review

Hi everybody!
So I’m serious about this book review thing. I’m doing this. It’s really fun!
When I signed my contract with Gypsy Shadow, I went through their website with a fine tooth comb, trying to figure out what kind of writers I would be in league with. I found a writer named Aubrie Dionne. I decided I REALLY wanted to read some of her books, most notably Malicifer. It was about a girl with a sword, and you know I’m always down to pick up a book with a sword-wielding lady on the cover. So imagine my surprise when Aubrie asked me to review it! YAY! Actually, she sent me a whole slew of her books, and I am going to write a review for each. I’m telling you, this blog reviewer thing is the best gig EVER!
So. Back to Malicifer. It is actually a short story about a milk-maid named Maylin who is in love from afar with a handsome knight named Castellan. When their homeland is attacked by evil wizards, Castellan takes his tiny army and goes out to do battle…in other words, he takes a dozen guys on horseback and heads out to fight an armada. To say the least our intrepid hero is somewhat outnumbered. Seeing his plight, Maylin runs out to help in any way she can…and finds a cursed sword called Malicifer. A wounded priest warns her that wielding the blade will cost her dearly, but Maylin would do anything to protect the man she loves.
What I loved about this book was, as I suspected I might, the distinctly feminist feel. It is set in the Middle Ages, which for me makes Maylin’s bravery all the more beautiful and unusual. Sure, Castellan is brave. He’s literally a knight in shining armor. But he’s not the only one, and in my opinion that makes this story worth reading.
To learn more, here’s a link:

Looks like Aubrie also won an award for this! Check it out!



  1. Gina Said:

    What a fun review! Have to agree, this short story was really good. Love the way she puts so much into so little, you know? Anywho…happy reading on the rest of her titles! Curious to see what you think of Dreams of Beauty…. ^_^

    • mljohn Said:

      I don’t think she sent me Dreams of Beauty…now I feel left out! 😉

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