There are goblins in my office, and they hate my printer.
It was bad enough when they just messed up my stuff in a generally annoying sort of way: magically rearranging my books, losing my markers, filling up my trash can by doubling the amount of soda cans in it, peeing on my copy paper, et cetera. But now they have actually, maliciously, learned to unplug my printer. I do not know how they can do this, because for the most part even such unpleasant Fey are afraid of technology. But I swear to God, I plugged it in last night, put in paper, and printed off a couple of pages. Since then, no one has been in here but me. And when I just now went to print up pay stubs, the printer was unplugged! Aaaargh!
Maybe I should leave them a beer, by way of old school, pagan-style peace offering. It seems like that may be the only way to keep my printer on.



  1. Jeri Otero Said:

    I loved the vampire story. finally someone who understands that vampires are evil. You know I love you.
    goblins is cute too.

    • mljohn Said:

      Thanks, mom! That’s what I was thinking. We need to put gore back in the horror genre. 🙂

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